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Dear Brave Homeowner,

If you have found your way to this website then you are about to embark on a renovation journey or are already up to your eyeballs in one... either way, help is on the way!

I’ve renovated, rebuilt, recreated, restored, landscaped and decorated about twenty homes now- with over $32 Million in sales on these projects and my work had been featured in a number of  magazines.  I’ve also helped countless friends and clients through their projects and know how hard, frustrating and, finally, satisfying it can be.   Crossing the Each day, week, month can bring enormous challenges, great beauty, huge doubt, and giddy glory as the process stumbles along towards it’s completion.

I’m here to help you through each and every stage of your home’s transformation, whether that be the purchase, the design, the hiring of contractors and subs, the cajoling, the permits, the paying, the headaches, the furnishing /decorating,  the landscaping... and finally the selling! You need it, I can do it for you and with you.   Let me know how I can best help you in your renovation, keeping sanity, budget and beauty in mind. 

~ Jessica

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